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La Fruiterie champêtre

S t r a w b e r r i e s  a n d  R a s p b e r r i e s

August 13, 2023: Dear customers,

due to the growing presence of drosophilas in the raspberries, we have decided to put an end to our season. 

Thank you very much, see you next year!

We have been specializing for over thirty years in the cultivation of strawberries and raspberries. You can come pick berries yourself or buy them already picked. We pay particular attention to the cleanliness of our fields and fruit quality to make your picking as pleasant as possible. Our fruits are harvested for sale every morning and are therefore always fresh. We also offer attractive discounts for large quantities and wholesalers.

We are open every day during the season that usually begins around June 10 and ends around August 10. Check the condition of the fields on our website, on Facebook or contact us to plan your visit in good time.


Our farm is located in a very picturesque area on the border of the Montérégie, Eastern Townships and Vermont. You will also find nearby blueberry producers, vineyards, orchards and roads highly appreciated by cyclists.


Hope to see you,

Jean Bernier and Sandra Küttel